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How to attract good luck into your life -- What "good luck" really is.

Contrary to common belief, "good luck" is not a condition that happens randomly.  Scientists have always believed that EVERYTHING that happens in the Universe has a cause and an effect.  In simple terms, there is no such a thing as a "random" event.  Everything that happens to us is the result of "cause and effect".  So if you thought that "good luck" is a condition that happens only to some people who have a special gift--consider rethinking that belief.  Getting lucky numbers is not the result of coincidence.  It is the result of a predictable cause and effect practise.

How to attract good luck into your life -- The secret formula for good luck and lucky numbers revealed.

Chances are that you have already heard, or read about this so called "secret formula for good luck".  What is really surprising is the fact that we have to be taught this formula.  There are hordes of merchants of good luck out there raking in trillions of dollars from "unlucky people".  I know this because I bought all of them :-)

The message is ALWAYS the same and is so logical and so simple that you would think it would be taught in schools and in universities and in churches.  Yet this is not so.  And because of this lack of basic training, only a "lucky minority" gets to enjoy this God-given gift.

If you have purchased countless books and videos and trinkets in the hope of becoming "lucky", and nothing happened, do not despair.  This site will provide you the answers on how to attract luck for real.  And best of all, it will do it for free.

Why am I doing this, you may ask?  There are two reasons why I am doing this. 

1.  Because I believe that by offering this free advice I am actually increasing my own luck.  This point will be clearer when you have read the full contents of this site.  Yes I believe, that by publishing this free site, I will attract good luck and lucky numbers to myself!  :-)))

2. It will also provide me a portal for promoting my new hypnosis video Predict Lotto Numbers With Hypnosis.  However, I want to make it perfectly clear that you do not need to buy my hypnosis video to attract good luck.  In fact you do not need to buy anything to attract good luck into your life--EVER.  You can attract good luck into your life merely by practising the simple tips I give you below.



How to become lucky! 

  • Realise that luck is a condition of life that is available to everyone!  Yes, including you.  It is simple "cause and effect."
  • Realise that you are already lucky.  Yes, you may not (yet) have won lotto, or collected a lottery jackpot. BUT you are lucky in many other ways ...
    • If you can read this message with your own eyes, you are lucky.  There are many other people who cannot do that.
    • You are lucky if you have a roof over your head and if you had a satisfying meal today.
    • You are lucky if you live in a country that is abundant and relatively safe.
    • You are lucky because you live on this beautiful planet called Earth.  Take a look around this beautiful planet, the immense beauty, spaciousness, abundant food and the incredible intelligent ecosystem that supports you is FRIENDLY to you.  True there are greedy people who would love to covet it all--but so far they have not succeeded.  You can still enjoy the beauty of planet earth free of charge.
    • You are lucky if you have even one person that loves you and that you can love.
    • You are lucky if you are free to move and express yourself.  There are countless numbers of people who cannot do that.
    • You are lucky because ........ (you fill in the dots)


    Right now (do not delay) make a list of all the reasons why you are already lucky--and BE GRATEFUL about them.

    The first secret tip is BE GRATEFUL.  Gratitude is an energy that brings good things to you.  Gratitude is the bait for good luck.  It attracts good luck like no other practise does.  When you fill your heart with gratitude for what you already have, Lady Luck will hear you and come running towards you.


    Complaining and indulging in "victim mentality", blaming others for you "bad luck", being jealous of other people's good fortune--all of these will certainly keep Lady Luck away from you.  This is guaranteed.



    You are worthy of good things and abundance and prosperity and a beautiful and satisfying life. 

    There is ample evidence to suggest that the vast majority of people are walking about with negative programs in their minds that cause them to believe they are "unworthy".  This is insane thinking. 

    The fact that Mother Nature decided that you should be born on planet earth, and that you were born, means that you have something to offer--you may not yet know what that is, but eventually you will find out.

    Examine Nature at work.  Nothing exists in nature unless it serves a purpose.  Every micro organism on planet earth, every living thing has a purpose.  Anything that does not have a purpose ceases to exist and becomes extinct.

    So take this idea of unworthiness out of your system.  You are worthy and equally entitled to all the good things that this planet has to offer.

    Right now, make a list of the good qualities you have:  If you cannot find any, ask a loved one.  (Please do not ask those who are likely to ridicule your question.  Ask someone you know for sure has you best interest at heart.)

    Once you have done this, write this statement down, and repeat it as often as you desire--especially when you are feeling down.  When you repeat this statement, focus on your heart region--there is a reason for doing so but this is not the place to discuss it.

    THE STATEMENT:  "I am already lucky and more and more luck is now coming into my life."

    Repeat this aloud now.  How does that make you feel?



    Share your good luck with others.  There is a secret law that governs this universe that supports all those who are willing to help the field.  In simple terms the more unselfish you are, the more willing to give you are and the more "lucky" you are likely to become.

    On the other hand, those who are primarily concerned with their own well being are less likely to be "lucky". 

    I know that there are a lot of rotten bastards who seem to enjoy a life of luxury and plenty, but these people invariably end up badly.  If you examine their entire lifespan you will soon realise that they are not "lucky".   Being tortured by fear, guilt, anxiety and ill health is not what I consider "good luck".

    I consider a person who has wealth, success, good health, and love--and is able to enjoy these to the last day "lucky". 

    When I speak about being of service to others, I mean enriching others people's lives using whatever gifts you have right now--it does not mean donating large sums of money.  It means giving of yourself. 

    My publishing this website with words of encouragement will help many people's lives.  In doing so I am also attracting more luck into my life. 

    A good way to attract more wealth and lucky numbers into your life is to give 10% of your good fortune.  When you do get your lucky numbers as a result of these tips--you could give it to me :-)))) or to a charity of your choice.  However, you decide, make sure to follow up.  Indeed start right now!  Give 10% of your net income to a charity of your choice and see how that increases your good luck.

    The practise of giving 10% of your net income is called "Tithing".  Tithing is an ancient practise which is known to attract good luck and more wealth to the giver.

    I know a lot of people who tithe, and I do not know any ex-tithers!






Watch my good luck video every day!  And see what happens! 
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Watch my good luck video every day!  And see what happens!


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