How to find your personal lucky numbers in the lottery ?

How to find your

lucky numbers in the lottery ?

It is something that many players ask themselves: can the lottery be won by lottery strategies or is it completely random? Does the person who closes his eyes and throw darts at a series of numbers have as much chance of winning as someone who sits down and develops the mathematical possibilities of his winning lucky numbers? The truth is that the chances of winning the lottery, especially the jackpot is extremely small, many people choose random numbers, they might choose what's in their head, that rises at one point or use the random number generators on the Internet, in which your computer will choose a nearly infinite amount of lucky numbers and combinations of lucky numbers.

So how to choose a set of numbers that increase your chances of winning a prize? A lottery strategy we could use is the warm and cold number strategy. Under this method, hot numbers, are those who have recently drawn and cold numbers, which have not drawn one time. If you would use this method, you can visit the website and see what numbers are drawn in previous year / years in order to use it to determine which numbers you are choosing.

* Opportunities and increase chances (Research):

Chance Increase by rituals.Can you briefly describe any ritual or rituals that you have?

1.Do not know / no answer 4%

2.Other replies 11%

3.Self-determining the date / lucky / birth 19%

4.Use lucky number (s) 34%

5.Themselves determine the lucky numbers 46%

Many people have a personal lucky number. If they buy such a state lottery ticket, they ask for a ticket which ends at 7 or on their own lucky number. When buying tickets "round numbers" are often favorites, these numbers end zero (0) or eight (8) (8 for the two circles). Anniversaries are also favorite numbers.

* Popular lucky numbers - Top 3

1.Seven (21%)

2.Thirteen (13%)

3.Eight (10%)

The introduction of the scratching card "Yellow 7" showed that 55 percent of the Dutch have a lucky number for such things and use it in the Lotto or with the final digits of a State lottery ticket. People with a lucky number are satisfied with the amount of happiness in their lives. The seven is the most used to give fate a helping hand. Experts say this is not for nothing, because the lucky number seven has a real impact.





* Can you briefly describe why you have chosen lucky numbers? (Research):

1.Do not know / no answer 22%

2.Other answers 4%

3.I often won with those numbers 6%

4.You should choose something 9%

5.Plain / custom 9%

6.A feeling 13%

7.Special date (birthday / wedding day) 17%

8.Superstition 30%

An analysis of the parent company of The Lotto Scratch Cards, revealed that 30 percent of the subscribers to automatically play with Lotto choose a seven. "That much is excessive," said Jaap Stavast, Technology & Development Director of The Lotto. "Is that a coincidence, or are the Dutch superstitious?

* Power of the seven declared:

"The popularity of the seven in the Netherlands is due to the influence of the Bible where seven is a sacred number," said Albert van der Zeijden of Dutch Folk Culture Center. "Furthermore, a lucky number gets its force by the belief you put in that number. You become more confident." In the west, the seven (7) is considered a lucky number. In the Christian tradition of lucky number 7, come several lucky numbers, but 7 is seen as the number that brings the most happiness. Three (3) is also a lucky number because it depicts the Trinity. The number ten (10) is the number of perfection and thirty-three (33) is the number of years that Jesus had to live on earth.

But choosing lucky numbers is mostly limited to ages, birthdays, house numbers and combinations of... whatever.. from someone nearby, but what if we had such a beautiful crystal ball that could tell us all. We can also call the phone number of that card, recently in our mailbox from "Prof. Dr.".. How Can I cheat you who selflessly will help us, probably, because he can solve anything, even ills and all our problems and financial worries.

Even better would be if we could put a number of things in a time machine that could thus really calculate our Lotto / State Lottery lucky numbers, so for example your birth date or the draw of the Lotto or State Lottery and let them travel through the time with this time machine and your lucky numbers get back to you one by one... instead of gambling, your personal Lotto / State Lottery end-digit lucky numbers transform in time.

If we're looking for the best way, we can also find the Fortune Cookies or lucky numbers in Chinese culture: In Chinese culture, certain numbers are considered lucky (?) Or unhappy (??). This provision is based on the Chinese word that sounds similar. To recruit Fortune, people give large sums of money bringing happiness to a certain phone number, house number, floor, license number, vehicle license plates, etc. and to obtain bank account.

* Chinese Lucky Numbers:

Lucky numbers are based on Chinese words that sound about the same as another Chinese word happiness or a different positive meaning. The numbers six, eight and nine are happy.

Unlucky numbers are numbers four, five, six and seven. The figure sounds in four different Chinese dialects, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese same as "dead". Four is often omitted in the counting floors. Five sounds in Cantonese and Mandarin about the same as "not". Six / Lok is the Cantonese word associated with the "fall / Lok" (?). The seventh month of the Chinese calendar is the month of the hungry ghosts. According to traditional Chinese religion, the forgotten spirits of hell up to food. Central is the hungry ghost festival

* What else can we think of:

.Fruit Machine with a lucky number.

.Throwing dice.

.A Click Stop Flash Machine to completely intuitive (as in a flash :-) choose your lucky number.

.A magical mouse that, when you close your eyes and move your mouse on the screen takes you to that magic lucky numbers ?

.Or the last one - why not- a Wand.. you can use your mouse as a Magic Stick.

* Imagine... (Research):

How do you respond when you notice that you have won the top prize in the lottery jackpot ?:

1.Do not know / no answer 20%

2.Other Answers 7%

3.Sweating / weakness / fainting 3%

4.Yell / scream 8%

5.Surprised / astonished 10%

6.Family / friends / relatives call 11%

7.Think what i will do 13%

8.Stay calm / sober 14%

9.From my roof / dance / jump 18%

10.I could not believe 23%

11.Happy / laugh 24%

Further on there, besides joy, disbelief........." I would check it ten times is this really true! "

* Article: Hans van Hove.


* Website Luckynumbers4U:

* Blog Lucky Numbers 4U:

* Motivation Research conducted by research company commissioned by the Lotto, August 2008.

* Motivation Research conducted by research company commissioned by the Dutch State Lottery.

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