What Are The Lucky Lottery Numbers?

If you're wondering how jackpot winners figure out their lucky lottery numbers, there's really nothing magical about it. Surely these past winners must have done something right to win big, but what exactly is it that they do? And if there really was a way to win big, wouldn't every player under the sun be winners today? You'd be surprised just how simple the answer is.

Lottery games such as pick 3 lottery games present several options to players when it comes to choosing their numbers. Attempting to figure out the numbers to choose can be quite stressful particularly when there is a huge prize at stake and millions of other people are entering the game. You have to realize that the lottery is a game of chance. On the other hand, since lottery games are about chance, you can still raise your chances of winning. The lucky lottery numbers we speak of are actually based on how you play the game.

In the case of pick 3, out of the probable 1,000 3-digit numbers that go between 000 to 999, there are 720 non-repeating numbers, 270 double numbers and 10 triples. This shows that the probability of winning for gamers who picked non-repeating numbers is 72 percent, double numbers carry 27 percent while gamers picking triples have 1 percent probability of winning.

Numbers employed in pick 3 lottery games are grouped into 3. The first category is called non-repeating numbers where each number is unique, such as 395. The next category is called doubles, which comprise of 1 repeated number like 227. The third category is called triples, such as 333. There are 220 combinations of pick 3 digits in boxes that comprise of 120 non-repeating numbers, 90 doubles and 10. So, you have selections of straight, box and straight/box stake. Straight stakes limit your option to a single digit and you stick with it, while box always enables you to provide a combo that would be in any arrangement.

After selecting single combos, you pick the box option each time you pick single combos. Every time you work with single combos, the box option will give you the biggest payoff. The box selection enables you to have your chosen numbers in any order. For instance, if the drawn numbers were 385, you will get a prize if you chose 385, 358, 835, 853, 538 or 583. So with the box selection, you have much more probability to win.

Finally, numbers like 911 or 666 are not considered _lucky_ numbers. Why? Because so many other people use these numbers. Instead, go for numbers that are entirely different than what others would think of. You may use numbers from your telephone number, for instance, since it's unique and it is assumed that no two people have the same phone number.

For sure many players have theories that certain numbers are luckier than others since they appear more often, while others claim that rare numbers are overdue. The truth is, it really doesn't matter. Even those that you consider lucky lottery numbers have no memory and no emotion. That being said, the most obvious way to enhance your odds of winning is to purchase a ticket. If you don't, your probability of winning is easy to calculate: you have no probability of winning at all.

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